Leprechaun Launch 5K – March 17, 2012

Congratulations to everyone who showed up for the Leprechaun Launch 5K on Saturday to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in the best way! They were enthusiastic and motivated and didn’t let a little wind keep them from having fun. Okay, it was a lot of wind, but the luck of the Irish prevailed during the race and it didn’t rain or snow.

The Running Club timed the race and we have posted the results here: Leprechaun Launch 5K Results

If you have a question about the results please contact us by email at cedarcityrunningclub@gmail.com

We used a video camera at the finish line as part of our timing system. Here are some clips from the race made into a 3-minute video. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and keep smiling everyone, especially when you cross the finish line!

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2 responses to “Leprechaun Launch 5K – March 17, 2012

  1. Hi Crystal,
    The Running Club assisted with the race timing last year. We haven’t heard yet whether this race will be held this year. As soon as we hear from the race organizers we will post the race details on the Running Club web site and Facebook page.

  2. Crystal

    Are you doing this race this year?

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